Small Group Questions

Discussion Questions

Revolution - Week 1

How to use the Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. Scripture is provided as a convenience to you and for those who may not have a bible.
  2. Excerpts are provided from Tom’s sermon to help the group remember the important parts of his message. Feel free to read these together as a group, or you may simply want to use them as a reminder to put in your own words. Don’t feel the need to read everything in this document as a group. Use what you need, skip what you don’t.

Scripture Passages:

As you’re listening to the message, make a list of key passages or take these from the sermon notes page on

Warm Up:

If the group is brand new, you may want to start with a non-threatening opening question related to the sermon introduction, time of year, or life experience. (Ex: What’s your name and favorite flavor of ice cream?)


1) What were some of the highlights of this week’s message?

2) Was there anything that you found challenging or confusing? Discuss this with the group.

3) What scriptures were used during the message?

4) Take a look at the different passages, and talk as a group about what we can learn about God and what we can learn about people from these passages?

5) What is one thing that stands out to you as you look at these verses or at this verse?

6) If you had to share this message with someone who has never been to church, what are some key ideas or points you would want to share? How might you share it?

7) What are some changes that you or your family might make as a result of this week’s message?

8) Were there any illustrations that stood out to you or that you found easy to relate to? If so, why do you think that is?

9) What is one thing from this week’s message that you had hoped we would discuss as a group?

Next Steps:

What is one way that my family or I can apply the truth from this message to our lives this week?

What is one way we can pray for one another in our group?